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Price: 16.95
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Haunted deck with no strings & no magnets. End 100% clean & everything is completely examinable.

Miracle Substance I & II are two invisible gimmicks that disappear completely & automatically after performing an effect! Borrow a deck of cards & have a spectator shuffle it & then choose a card without any force whatsoever. You do not touch the cards!

Now the spectator returns the chosen card to the deck. They are then asked to cut the deck several times. Now you take the cards & place them on the flat palm of your hand. Something creepy happens now: The deck seems to come to life; the deck cuts itself & the upper part moves forward. It can also cut itself to the side if you want. The spectator is asked to take the upper portion of the deck & the deck has cut itself exactly at the chosen card! The borrowed deck can be immediately handed out for examination! Itís impossible to detect anything because thereís nothing to be detected! Nothing has to be taken away or be palmed! No magnets or thread are used in this effect. No card is added & nothing taken away!

Best of all the trick resets instantly, you can do it over & over as many times as they beg you to & without missing a beat.

You do not need to learn sleight of hand. The only thing you have to do is to touch the deck once for less than a second & the rest is automatic!

There are tons of variations possible with this gimmick. Even if the spectator handles the deck all by himself the secret wonít be detected. The trick will even work while the deck is on the floor!

Miracle Substance will not only work with cards, it gets even better than that:

Things like glasses or salt shakers can move on a table by themselves as if by psycho kinesis. Again there are no threads or wires involved! The possibilities for the use of these two substances is only limited by your imagination.

Miracle Substance will help you to find cards in a spectatorís deck; will turn any normal deck of cards into a haunted deck & will cause items to move by themselves! Many different effects will be at your fingertips.

  • The substances are not harmful.
  • No sleight of hand involved.
  • You will be ready to perform minutes after you get it out of the package.

You receive the Miracle-Substance-set that includes Substance I & Substance II (each in a sealed test-tube), two additional small gimmicks that make getting to your Miracle Substance quick, easy & incognito & detailed instructions with several effects, tips & routines described. The amount of Miracle Substance we supply in a set should last for hundreds, maybe even a thousand performances!

Note: Miracle Substance is not harmful & it' s use is not prohibited by any law or health-administration in any country of the world.