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Magic Tricks with Liquids


LIQUID appears or vanishes at your will! AUTO RESET.

You are going to love discovering the secret of our NEW DELUXE DISAPPEARING MILK GLASS. Simple yet so clever! Our version uses a unique method that allows you to control the rate of increase or decrease of liquid in the glass!

What is a locking milk glass, you ask? Well most have seen a magician pour milk in a cone only to have it vanish. Now you can do that and SO MUCH MORE!! The natural look of this prop will fit any style and show.

Have a glass of milk, cola or any opaque liquid on your table during you show. AT ANY TIME you can pick up the glass and drink from it until it is almost empty. You place the glass behind your back or under your coat for just a SECOND and the glass is seen to be FULL once again! WOW

OR take the classic vanishing milk pitcher effect to the next level. Pour milk from the glass in to a paper cone. The audience see the milk draining from the glass. With our milk glass not only can you make the milk vanish BUT NOW YOU CAN MAKE THE MILK APPEAR BACK IN THE GLASS! No milk pitcher does that! Just cover the glass for a second and the milk is back! One magician we know just spins around and by the time he has returned to front the once empty glass is full again! SPECTACULAR!

OR how about a version of the "ghost glass" ? Place a straw in the glass. The audience sees a ghost drinking the milk as they see the milk go down as if something was actually drinking from the straw. The bonus is that ghosts do not have stomachs so the milk reappears back in the glass!

  • FULL SIZE 8 oz. tumbler made in durable plastic for a long life and easy clean up!
  • Unique locking mechanism allows you to leave the full glass on the table before and after the effect.
  • Liquid is under YOUR CONTROL and can vanish or appear at the pace that suits your needs. You can drink from the glass. It is not sealed and you can put many other drinks of your choosing.
  • Glass stands approx. 5.25" tall
  • When in the drained state, only 1" liquid remains. Yet it will magically refill to the full 8 oz!
  • Instructions included
  • Boxed

Check out our Magic Concentrated Milk on this page. No longer worry about having to carry milk around and it souring or wasting it - and it's inexpensive to use!



We have the LOWEST PRICE on this item!


You casually pick up a glass & start pouring soda into it. What? You forgot something? Have to look at your watch? Just let go of the glass & it remains SUSPENDED in mid-air! The glass of soda continues to float while still pouring from the bottle!

At any point stop & place the glass on the table. A very stunningly visual, but extremely easy to do trick. We supply the prop & the glass, use any standard Plastic (PET) Soda Bottle with screw-on cap which any audience would be familiar with. The prop fits into any standard plastic (PET) soft drink bottle. This product is suitable only for adult performers, but gets a wonderful reaction when performing for both adults & children!

Airborne FLOATING GLASS is perfect for:

  • Serious
  • Comedy
  • Clowns
  • Nightclubs
  • Family Shows
  • Any Venue!

Comes ready to use with special gimmick & glass. You can use this with any size PLASTIC soda bottle. Although the bottles vary considerably in size, the mouth & cap size of all these soda bottles is the same. This is not a close-up trick & should be performed at least 8-10 feet away with your audience sitting down.

Airborne Glass was created by John Fabjance. It has been performed by such notable magicians as Blackstone, Harry Anderson, and Lance Burton.


FANTASTIC FOO CAN - Regular Size - N067 - 29.95

A utility device that can do it ALL -- VANISH OR PRODUCE liquid... change water into wine or milk... plus much more!

YES -- you can VISIBLY pour 1/2 a glass of water into this magical can. They see it go in & immediately the can is turned upside down -- the water has VANISHED! You can even put a pencil or wand into the upside down can & twirl it around -- they can hear it's EMPTY! Our Foo Can is made of nickel plated brass, about 5 1/2" tall; including instructions for 3 tricks! ON SALE!


A-LOTTA WATER VASE - V006 - 0.00


If you're looking for a classy piece of apparatus that has terrific appeal, this is it!

You display a beautiful silver vase, which can have flowers in it beforehand. (See our beautiful feather flower bouquet on this page).

You remove the flowers, and pour all the water out of it.

You then present another trick.

When you come back to the vase, somehow it has again filled mysteriously with water, so you empty it into a large bucket (use any bucket).

This is continually repeated throughout your show!

At the end, you attempt to pour all the water back into the vase, but it overflows because it will not fit back in!

Yes - all the water does come from the vase itself.
Very mystifying! NO attachments of any kind to your body or to anything else.

We supply specially made vase, completely self-working. Will produce over a half gallon of water & refill 20 times. 8-1/2 inches in height & 6 inches in diameter




These magic bowls are SPECTACULAR! Rice, candy, or confetti multiplies and then changes to enchanted water.

You'll love our NEW AUTOMATIC RICE BOWL MYSTERY.  We've seen many styles of this classic effect but these bowls OUTSHINE THEM ALL.

The Rice Bowl Mystery is an all time favorite classic of magic and is now easier than ever to perform using our bowls.  

You display two gleaming, mirror-finish, aluminum bowls inside and out. Fill one bowl to the top with rice and cover with the other. You make a mystical pass and when the top bowl is removed, the bottom bowl is over flowing -the rice has DOUBLED in QUANTITY! 

Empty the bowl and then cover it again.  

You make another mystical pass. The suspense builds. What could appear in those empty bowls?   PRESTO!  Now the bowls are filled with water!  It is a beautiful sight when you gracefully pour the water from one bowl to the other.

First the rice doubles and then water appears!  AMAZING!

  • The bowls do the work for you
  • One bowl holds a large 1.5 cups of rice (12 oz.)
  • Use candy or confetti instead of rice
  • Highly deceptive design- just look at the photo showing the inside of the bowls. There's nothing to see
  • Nothing added or taken away
  • No cardboard leveler or silk cover needed. NO STEALS
  • High MIRROR polished bowls with attractive pedestal base are pleasing to the eye and denotes quality
  • Spun aluminum bowls are lightweight for easy travel and pedestal base doubles as a handle for easy use.
  • Each bowl stands approximately 2.5" tall and 5" in diameter at its widest point.


Criss Angel performed this on his TV special MINDFREAK! He poured in orange juice and poured out a tiny live orange bird!

You will be amazed with this effect as well as the clever principle. THIS IS NOT like other transformation glasses so if you think you know the secret read on for some surprises.


A clear plastic glass is filled with a colored liquid of your choice. The glass is inverted and the liquid INSTANTLY changes to a scarf! WOW! And here is the kicker: You could reverse the transformation without any reset!!! COOL!


  • Easy to do
  • Self-contained, fits any performance style.
  • 9 scarf INCLUDED!
  • Our glass is easier to reset and clean up because it DOES NOT USE CHEMICALS!
  • After the scarf is produced you can replace it and make it change back to liquid.
  • You can start with liquid in the glass or pour it in.
  • Plastic glass stands 4.5 and is made to look like cut crystal!
  • You are not limited to transforming the liquid to a scarf. Confetti, streamers or other items can be used.
  • Can be performed as close as 8-10 feet away from your audience!


You will be tickled over this method and will enjoy performing this over and over.

Visual magic at its best and a clever method is why we call this the ULTIMATE Clear Transformation Glass. Put this miracle in your act today!



You make a Full bottle of Coke INSTANTLY DISAPPEAR!

A full 8 ounce size bottle containing liquid (it can be seen splashing about) is covered with a tube that only covers the top half of the bottle. Telling the audience you're going to make it vanish, you cover it with a cloth. But when uncovered, it's still there!

Then without covering it & saying the magic word "ABRACADABRA" which you forgot the first time, you push down the half tube & the BOTTLE VANISHES -- LIQUID & ALL!

Complete with everything you need -- special bottle, tube & cloth. So easy to do you'll do it as soon as you get it! Sold in other magic catalogs for $79.95.

Buy 2, Receive 3rd FREE!


BUBBLE BAUBLE - E016 - 0.00

Catch a bubble from the air and turn it into a work of art

CLICK the PLAY button to watch a live demonstration

This is truly a dream like effect & is poetry in motion to your spectators. You display a miniature bottle of bubble solution. You remove the bubble wand & blow a stream of bubbles into the air. Holding out your hand one of the bubbles lands on your fingertips.

Slowly bringing your hand to the table, you drop the bubble and as it hits the table it bounces! It's turned to solid glass!

Everything is done slowly and in full view. Bubble can be examined. But wait-there's more!

Displaying the bubble between your fingers you slowly & in full view SQUISH the solid bubble FLAT!

Now you transform the flat bubble to round again! Now for the big finish: The solid bubble is placed on your fingertips and blown into the air! This trick is a visual masterpiece!

  • Examinable
  • Requires a few hours practice but the effect is well worth it!
  • This is phenomenal!
  • A must have for all magicians who perform close up magic
  • Get this NOW!

See our two exclusive add-on routines on this page!




Does with liquids what a change bag can do with solids! 

Our FANTASTICFOO CAN vanishes, transforms or transports liquids !

A utility device that can do it ALL -- VANISH OR PRODUCE liquid... change water into wine or milk... plus much more!  

YES -- you can VISIBLY pour 16 oz.  of water into this magical can. They see it go in & immediately the can is turned upside down-- the water has VANISHED! You can even put a pencil or wand into the upside down can & twirl it around -- they can hear it's EMPTY! 

Our LARGE SIZE Foo Can is: 

  • Made of chrome plated brass for a professional look
  • Stands 7" tall and 6" wide at the handles

The Foo Can is great for 

  • Vanishing liquid
  • Producing liquid
  • Color changes
  • Liquid penetrations
  • Get two and do a liquid Monte (Find the water - like 3 Card Monte)
  • Comedy effects (after filling with liquid, turn can UPSIDE DOWN on volunteer's head. He'll be afraid to remove the can. When you finally do, the liquid has VANISHED! And you can make it MAGICALLY REAPPEAR!

This utility prop is great when combined withour Merlin's Milk (Vanishing milk pitcher) or Milk Mug.

We include complete instructions to perform 5 tricks.



PERFORM OVER 25 DIFFERENT TRICKS with this set. If you purchased each trick seperately. it would cost you over $17.00!

This Special Magic Set Features:

HAUNTED DECK: In your outstretched palm, you cause this deck to eerily cut itself in half. Each time it selects and leaves your friends' selected cards sticking out of the deck. Use any deck.

SECRET WONDER MOUSE: Mouse runs up and down your arms, climbs out of a drinking glass, as if the mouse was really alive!

SHRINKING MILK: A large glass of milk. You make it shrink & pour the entire contents into a TINY bottle. How???

These items cannot be purchased anywhere else. You get all gimmicks and instructions described. You save money with this set since it combines special magic gimmicks with ordinary objects you will find in your home.

BONUS: We also include these additional tricks: DIME IN ORANGE, RISING PENCIL, HOUDINI BOX, PLUS MORE! SELECTED CARD MYSTERIOUSLY RISES FROM THE PACK VANISHING GLASS - Glass covered with newspaper and placed over friends' coin. You make coin vanish! Better yet-you now make glass VANISH! WOW!


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