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Now you can perform one of the most talked about effects in magic right in your own living room!

The LITTLE WONDER ROPE is our version of the ancient "Hindu Rope Trick" where the magician commands a rope to stand straight up in mid air without any connections overhead. Now you can perform this miracle CLOSE UP AND SURROUNDED!

For centuries there has been debate if the effect was ever performed. FABLE or FACT? How could a rope stay suspended outdoors without any wires or other gimmicks?   Show your audience that you have the power to do so with our LITTLE WONDER ROPE!

Imaging reaching into your pocket and pulling out a loosely coiled rope. Uncoil the rope and let it dangle limp towards the ground.  Lift the ropeup to the sky and let go, the rope falls. Try again and upon your command you release your upper hand and the ROPE BECOMES STIFF AS A BOARD, SUSPENDED IN MID AIR!  It is under your spell.  There are no angles to worry about and no wires!  You have truly charmed this rope.  With a SNAP of your fingers the rope becomes limp and falls down again.  

  • Easy to do, learn in minutes
  • Do it close up and surrounded. 
  • Rope is 18" and visible from the stage.
  • No wires, thread magnets or body connections
  • Use indoors or outdoors in full light.  
  • Great for walk around, clowns, MC's
  • Rope can remain straight vertically OR horizontally.
  • An added effect is added for a comedy invisible dog walking routine!

Make it a bigger production with our Vanishing Flute sold elsewhere.  Play the flute which sounds like one an Indian snake charmer would use and the rope becomes charmed, standing straight up like it was snake! After you work your magic on the rope,

So what are you waiting for. Order one today at our TERRIFIC LOW PRICE. You won't be disappointed.


FOR ONLY $2.00 MORE SEE OUR HYPNOTIZED ROPE ON THIS PAGE. IT PERFORMS THE SAME EFFECT EXCEPT IT IS MUCH LARGER! We'd say it's 2-3 times as long and thicker - a bargain for only $2 additional.




Two methods of performing, includes illustrated instructions.

This is a tremendous rope routine which has been kept a secret by magicians for many years.

Display a nice size piece of rope & ask two friends to hold the ends of the rope. As the rope is stretched between them, they can see that it is one solid piece of rope. Now take an ordinary pair of scissors, grab the middle of the rope, then cut it into two pieces.

Show the ends of the now two pieces of rope - the rope is absolutely cut into two pieces.

The two new ends are placed together. After a few magic words & sprinkling of some magical glittering wooful dust if you'd like -the rope is restored to its original condition! It seems as if the two ends simply melt together and become one again!

The rope can now be examined to their heart's desire. It is REALLY ONE SOLID ROPE!

You get instructions for two methods of performing this miracle plus 25 feet of 3/8" professional quality rope good for many performances. This rope can also be used for other magic tricks which require magician's rope. The magical glittering dust (confetti) and our rope trick books can also be found on this page.



LINKING ROPES - E200 - 9.99

If you love the famous LINKING RINGS trick, you'll love THIS!

Three ropes are tied into individual loops. You then take each solid loop, and link the ropes together! Ropes are REALLY LINKED - no optical illusion!

You continue to magically link and unlink the tied ropes right in front of your audience!

Easy to learn instructions and illustrated routine are included.

The Linking Ropes is a great trick. It can be done close-up or on stage, fits in your pocket, and is an entertaining piece of magic.


ROPE MAGIC SET - 3 TRICKS IN 1 - E218 - 9.99

Our special rope allows you to perform three amazing rope tricks!

For the first trick, have a member of your audience select a card from a borrowed deck, return it to the deck which can then be shuffled. Then the deck is dropped into a hat (or any box or container).

You lower the rope into the hat. Watch their amazed reaction as you remove the rope which has miraculously tied itself into a knot - around their selected card!

TRICK #2: The rope is tied to a LARGE metal ring. The rope penetrates the ring! (Ring not included). You can use a ring from your F008 Linking Rings set which we also supply! Makes a great routine - link and unlink the rings - then you even make the rings penetrate an "ordinary piece of rope"!

TRICK #3: Stun your audience by borrowing a ring from a spectator, tie it to the rope and watch the ring vanish, then reappear in your pocket!

Easy to do. Use any deck of cards, finger or metal ring! Special rope and instructions included.



"Spectacular!" is what your audiences will be saying when your perform our APPEARING FLOWERS ON ROPE!

The opener you've been looking for! Plenty of flash, sure to make your audience gush with oohs and ahhs. Every magician should make something appear in their act.

Here's the effect:

AT ANY TIME IN YOUR ACT you reach in your pocket and remove a rope. SLOWLY tie and knot the rope.

As the knot is drawn tighter, IN A BLINK of an eye, a show stopping metallic bouquet of flowers INSTANTLY appears on the center of the rope!

One second there was only the knot and the next second flowers appear! At no time do your hands come near the center of the rope and yet the flowers seem to appear from the center of the knot.

You will delight in the electric colors and show stopping shine these flowers create!

BUT THAT IS NOT ALL! As the audience is applauding this mid air production, just touch the bouquet and the flowers unroll into a gorgeous SIX FOOT GARLAND! WOW! You can either hold it between your hands or if using an assistant, you each hold an end and stretch it across the stage! What a perfect ending sure to get a second round of applause.

  • Perform ANY TIME in your act
  • You get a 10 flower bouquet in gold, silver, red and blue, violet (Colors may vary)
  • Custom bouquet is specially designed to transform into six feet of garland
  • Each flower has METALLIC green outer leaves AND its own string
  • Flowers are made from long lasting MYLAR film and will outlast any paper flower on the market
  • Instructions included

    KAVORTING KNOTS - A230 - 7.98


    You show a red, blue and green rope. You tie one knot on each rope.

    You now display a yellow rope with no knots on it.

    The red, blue and green KNOTTED ropes are placed into a beautiful velvet bag. (Some type of CHANGING BAG or device is required - we list several types on this page - and you can do hundreds of DIFFERENT tricks with our bags!)

    Then the yellow rope with no knots on it is dropped into the bag.

    ABRACADABRA! When you remove the formerly knotted ropes, the knots have VANISHED!

    Now removing the yellow rope, magically ALL the knots have jumped from the red, blue and green ropes onto the yellow rope!

    For a surprise climax, when the knots are untied they are found to have become PART OF THE ROPE! You show that the knots have become part of the yellow rope - they have blended to the yellow rope at the positions where the knots were before!

    YES - The rope can be examined!

    • Knitted rope makes this rope super soft and easy to carry with you.
    • The blended colors in the rope when you open the knot is really part of the rope. It is not a sewn piece but part of the rope!
    • Very visual and colors can work for many themes like a safety show.
    • Rope is almost 2 FEET long!


    FAST changing magic like this is hard to beat. Surprise, color and magical transformations!

    Is your audience attentive? We'll test them. You display a rope in your outstretched hands and ask them to name the color they see. 

    Let's say say the rope is yellow. When they tell you it is yellow you tell them they are WRONG. In a flash you make the yellow rope change to a RED SILK SCARF!  WOW! Easy to DO!

    • Self-contained.
    • Rope is approximately 14" long.
    • Note: Rope & Silk colors may vary from description



    SELF-WORKING ROPE MAGIC - B096 - 11.95

    An excellent guidebook to 70 of the best, most amazing self-working rope tricks ever devised. Tricks that amateur magicians of all ages can master in a short time!

    Many of the best rope tricks that do not require unusual dexterity or long hours of practice. This book written by Karl Fulves, one of the foremost authorities in magic, introduces rope magic based on simple overhand knots, slip knots and square knots. With such tricks as the Vishnu Rope Mystery, the Hindu Turban Mystery, Cut and Restored Rope, Ropes That Think, and fascinating maneuvers as Liar's Ropes and Seance. You'll also learn how to do a one-hand figure eight, perform a double-ring ceremony, and make an endless chain. Novice and experienced magicians can learn these foolproof tricks quickly and easily with clearly worded instructions and 423 step by step illustrations. Not only does Mr. Fulves give you specifics on how to perform each trick, he provides helpful phrases and dialogue to help you present each routine professionally.


    FLASH KNOTS - E185 - 14.95


    You display ONE ROPE comprised of 4 colored sections: yellow, red, green and blue.

    IN A FLASH - A knot appears in the YELLOW portion of the rope!

    IN A FLASH - A knot appears in the RED portion of the rope!

    IN A FLASH - A knot appears in the GREEN portion of the rope!

    IN A FLASH - A knot appears in the BLUE portion of the rope!

    FOUR COLORED knots have appeared from NOWHERE!

    • Knitted rope makes this rope super soft and easy to carry with you. Very visual and colors can work for many themes like a safety show.
    • Rope is almost SIX FEET long!
    • The rope can be examined!

    Use any tube (not supplied).


    HYPNOTIZED ROPE - E170 - 9.99

    Becomes erect at your command! Our version of the mythical Indian Rope Trick. You hold a length of Rope almost TWO FEET LONG which is wrapped around your hand. Uncoil and at your command, the entire rope becomes RIGID


    YES! You can hold the rope horizontally in one hand & it still remains STIFF! At your command, it falls down limp, ready to coil around your hand, to thunderous applause! Real easy to do with complete instructions included. SPECIAL: BUY 2, RECEIVE 3rd FREE!


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