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Magic Silk Tricks


Long unavailable! A beautiful classic illusion that will add a splash of color to your next show!

This is the type of trick audiences associate with PRO MAGICIANS! Can be done by yourself or with an assistant! If you prefer to use our change bag instead of the change handbag, choose the appropriate model described on this page.

EFFECT: Your assistant comes sauntering onto the stage twirling a beautiful multi-colored parasol while holding her handbag (Special CHANGE HANDBAG, required, found on this page).

You or your assistant opens the handbag & removes many differently colored scarves displaying them to the audience, then replaces them back inside. Displaying both sides of a red mat, you then roll it up. The parasol is then placed into the mat.

Making a magical gesture your assistant reaches into her handbag and finds the parasol top! Boy does she look VERY surprised! Where did the scarves go?

You reach into the mat removing the parasol and find the parasol top is gone and in it's place are the VANISHED scarves tied to each spoke on a skeleton parasol frame! Now you let the mat roll open to show it empty ! Pause to allow the audience to applaud!

That is the end of a marvelously stunning illusion. If you desire to lengthen the routine, you can continue: The parasol top is placed back into the bag. Show both sides of the red mat then roll it up. The parasol with attached scarves is replaced back into the mat.

Another magical gesture. Your assistant opens her bag and finds the scarves have returned!

Reach into the mat and remove the parasol, the top has returned! The mat is rolled open to show it again empty. What a stunningly beautiful illusion!

Plays big and packs flat, while at the same time being very easy to use. Truly a wonderful looking effect.

Our UMSI Mutilated Parasols are of the HIGHEST PRO QUALITY and unlike any of our competition. Supplied is a large professional HEAVYWEIGHT PREMIUM corduroy mat, with exotic imported teak wood accents, satin trim w/gold fringe, parasol & all necessary gimmicks. Large enough to be seen on any stage! The entire length of the parasol is 20 1/2 inches. The trick is self-working & you can do it as soon as you get it. All you add is your charm & showmanship! Complete with EVERYTHING necessary! (except change bag found on this page). Our parasol top & scarves are long lasting as they are made of a synthetic material.



A GREAT trick for your living room - yet LARGE enough to be seen from the LARGEST stage!

You show the audience a large black cloth with white polka dots all over both sides. You hold this silk by the corner and begin to shake it. To everyone's surprise, the polka dots start FALLING OFF THE CLOTH!

You show both sides of the cloth to your audience. It is now MISSING IT'S SPOTS - it's completely black!

Here's the BEST part:
You throw the dots back up into the air, catching them onto the cloth - and ALL the polka dots reappear!

It is instantly reset, and fun to use! Watch your audience's amazed reactions!

A great routine to combine with our Black & White Spots Mystery.

SIZE: 30 X 30 inches

The loose spots can be re-used, but over time some may become lost or dirty. Now you can buy extra spots to match the trick at a very low cost. You'll find them on this page.


SKELETON BOX - N099 - 34.99

The Box is Empty. The Box is Full. Wait - look the Box is REALLY Empty. The Box is Full again.

With our SKELETON FRAME BOX all doors drop down to reveal a skeleton framework. ABSOLUTELY proving the box is EMPTY & couldn't hide ANYTHING!

You show a small chrome box. It's really small - only about 3 X 2 X 2 inches. You let ALL doors drop down to reveal a skeleton framework, showing the box is empty and can't hide anything.

You then close the box back up. You now proceed to produce 4 silk scarves from the box you have just proven to be empty. Open all sides again showing it empty.

Close it up and produce another 4 scarves, you open it up again, there is nothing there. Close it up again and guess what? You produce four more silks!

Do it again - a third time - and produce four more silks! A total of 12 silks from this teeny, tiny box.

Hand out the box - it's completely examinable. They will find nothing.

As for the scarves, you try to stuff them back into the box but they WILL NOT fit inside! This really is a great trick to witness, your spectators will be dumbfounded.

REQUIRES our special MAGICIAN'S SILK SCARVES (not included).

  • Made of brass, chrome plated
  • Exclusive to

Our scarves (found on this page) are necessary for the SKELETON BOX. Why? Because they compress small & instantly expand allowing much more to fit & be produced from your production tricks than seems possible. As the box will hold 12 - 6" scarves, we have a special if you buy 10, we'll send you 2 more FREE! (We'll assort them for you).



Raise The Dead

CLICK the PLAY button to watch a live demonstration

Have you ever felt a presence you could not explain? Ever feel like you are being watched?

Spirits are all around us... Now you can prove it.

The scarf is shown on both sides. You fold the scarf and slowly a strange shape starts forming underneath the fabric. It keeps rising higher and higher...The spirit is trapped inside the scarf!

You grab the scarf trying to catch the spirit. You've got him in your hands - absolute proof of supernatural activity!

You open the scarf and nothing is there.

The spirit has escaped.

This is our exclusive version, ours rises higher than our competitors and also has a custom Skull design that really adds to the effect.

  • You can do this close up right under the spectators nose.
  • You will be performing this practically right out of the package.
  • Incredibly easy yet the reactions are mind blowing.
  • No sleight of hand
  • No thread
  • No magnets
  • Can be performed completely surrounded
  • Absolutely no angle problems
Carry in your pocket, because its the only haunted scarf effect you can do close up.

A phenomenal pocket trick that resets instantly and is so EASY, you'll be freaking out your friends minutes after you get it!



It's the classic chick pan, now available in a smaller size perfect for close-up work.

Imagine- an empty metal pan is covered with a lid, and instantly uncovered to reveal candy, prizes, several silk scarves or streamers, flowers - or even a live baby chick!

Items produced are limited only by what will fit in the pan (and are not included).

You can also show the pan empty, break an egg into it, add some salt, sugar, drop a match bursts into FLAME (ADULTS ONLY: just use lighter fluid) - you cover it - say the magic words - when uncovered you've BAKED A SMALL CAKE which you cut and pass out to members of your audience!

Our spun aluminum Mini Chick Pan measures 4.3 inches in diameter and features a classy pedestal base, and beautiful MIRROR FINISH NICKEL PLATING - not found on pans made by others!

Easy instructions included.


Now you can get a professional prop for a bargain price - only from us!

Silk scarves & streamers in all sizes available - see below. Will hold up to a dozen 6", 9" or 12" scarves!


APPEARING ROSE - A255 - 14.97


You show a red scarf on both sides, then slowly push the scarf into your closed fist.

Now you show your audience a stalk having leaves but no flower. You then bring your closed fist above the stalk, like you were placing the crumpled scarf on top of it.

When you open your fist a Beautiful Rose has appeared on top of the stalk!

  • Easy To Do
  • Looks Elegant
  • Colorful
  • Versatile production item, can be presented in a number of ways

VERY easy to do. We include the scarf, the special rose & gimmick & full instructions.




Easy to do, packs flat & plays big!

You show a FLAT cardboard panel. When you unfold it, it takes the shape of a rectangular tube. You show the interior of the tube to be empty with RED stripes. You place a BLUE silk scarf in the tube & collapse it back into a square.

When the cardboard panel is unfolded the color of the silk & the color of the stripes have changed places! YES! You now have an interior with BLUE stripes & the silk scarf is now RED.

This trick is for novices & wizards alike!

Requires 1 each 9" blue & red silk scarves, found on this page.




One of the fastest visual vanishes of a silk scarf you will ever see!

You toss a silk scarf into the air, then wave your wand at the silk scarf & it INSTANTLY & VISUALLY VANISHES into thin air! You can perform it surrounded & in short sleeves.

Once you know the secret, you'll be able to figure out how to do other tricks such as Vanishing Silk Under Plate & Vanishing Silk in Glass.

  • 9 Inch COLORED scarf is NOW included FREE - a $3.95 Value!
  • 15 Inch metal wand with white tips
  • No body loads
  • Ready anytime during your act
  • Self-contained wand does it all
  • Use as a regular magic wand
  • Wand comes with detailed instructions




You display an empty BLACK cylinder with WHITE spots, and two silks - one BLACK and one WHITE. You tell the audience that the white silk is really a black silk dyed white and the black silk is really a white silk dyed black! (YEAH RIGHT!)

You now state: This is my Black and White transformation cylinder, which will make the white silk black, and the black silk white!

The two silks are now placed in the cylinder and again removed. There, you see ... the white silk dyed black is now white,... and the black silk dyed white is now black again ! This is repeated till the audience realizes you are pulling their leg, and tell you so ! You appear hurt at this accusation of trying to deceive them so blatantly, and offer to make the transformation a little easier to follow.

The silks are replaced in the cylinder. You now pass your hand in front of the cylinder, causing ALL the white spots to DISAPPEAR! The cylinder is now completely BLACK! You tell them you really have the spots in your hand, and toss them into the cylinder.

When the silks are now removed, they are found to be spotted! YES...The White silk now is covered with black spots and the black silk is covered with white spots!!

This is ALWAYS a HIT in my shows. When I perform for kids, I start out telling them the cylinder has the measles! And at the end the silks have the measles. They LOVE IT!

A great effect, easy to do, and supplied complete with the special mechanical cylinder, all the required silks, and routine for a BARGAIN PRICE!

A great routine to combine with our Polka Dot Silk.



Blooms - Vanishes - Reappears & Transforms! Make this part of your routine!! You display a pretty green stem. Now opening a folded fan (or using your hand), you fan the stem causing a small red bud to appear at the top. The bud gradually blooms into a FULL SIZE FLOWER! The flower is removed by your left hand. Left hand is now shown to be empty...and with a tossing motion, the flower INSTANTLY appears back on the stem! This can be repeated again and again! For a finale, as the red flower is removed, it INSTANTLY CHANGES TO A 12" red scarf! Complete with everything necessary excluding fan. We priced this EXTRA LOW so all our customers can own this pretty trick. And it's EASY TO DO!


Check out our COLOR CHANGING BLOOMING FLOWER, on this page Buy both of these tricks and we'll take $2.00 off! (Offer can not be combined with any other discount.)


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